Primodrol 60 capsules muscle enhancer

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Primodrol 60 capsules muscle enhancer

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Primo-Drol Drol Increase Strength Primo-Drol (TM) 60 Capsules FREE Shipping Legal Steroids Primo-Drol (TM) is preferred by numerous legal steroid users due to the fact that it increases strength with minimal weight-gain, increases in vascularity, and will not convert to estrogen. Primo-Drol (TM) does not cause excess water retention and is said to have a diuretic effect on the body.

Primo-Drol (TM) is regularly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose unwanted weight while retaining lean body mass. It is generally taken during the "cutting cycle" to assist with preserving lean body mass while metabolizing adipose (fat), and it has been proven irrefutably that it has very unique fat-burning attributes. Primo-Drol (TM) is commonly stacked with bulking cycles to encourage fine-tuning muscular gains. Second to those wanting to achieve diamond hard abdominal muscles, the most common use is as a pre-bodybuilding contest product. Whether you are a competing bodybuilder, or just someone who wants to get in shape and define their cuts, then this is the product you need. For maximum effects, a complete 12 week cycle should be taken.

It is presented most commonly in 60 Capsule bottles. A common dosage can be 1 capsule daily, with optimal results usually seen at 2 capsules daily. The pills are prepared in a unique micronized HCL capacity and does not have a typical elimination half-life.

In the United States, Primo-Drol (TM) is referred to as a "legal steroid". It is a dietary supplement and contains no illegal anabolic ingredients. Primo-Drol (TM) is safe and is not under any FDA recalls.

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